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Training Session:

Core FX is a one of a kind Functional Fitness Experience where we put our primary focus on the 3 pillars of Weightloss: Fitness, Nutrition, & Accountability.
Our Non Intimidating Group CORE FX classes are broken down into 3 pillars.

Pillar One: Fitness. Here we will focus on a variety of functional movements that are centered around Build Lean Muscle it each area to include core stability while burning FAT at the same time. This is the foundation of our program.

However, what we learned through years of experience and over two hundred first hand client interactions is that you cannot get the same results with just one pillar. So we incorporated pillar 2, Nutrition.

Pillar 2, Nutrition: Stop with the starvation diets, liquid diets, or using the word diet in general. Pillar 2 is designed to reprogram the way you think about food. Through our proven methodology, we are able to incorporate the appropriate amount of nutritional content for your body to maximize weight loss, YES we encourage you to actually eat!!

This brings me to pillar 3: ACCOUNTABILITY: most people have a grasp on the first 2 pillars but without a dedicated support structure in place, many people fail to reach their goals. With our accountability program, you will not only have a personal accountability coach in your corner but you will also have a group of fellow FX’ers that support, motivate, encourage, and emotionally invest in your success. You will quickly realize that your CORE family will bring a bond unlike any other. Especially when we gather together outside the CORE facilities and interact on a social level. Your fellow FX’ers will become like family.

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