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Chiropractor Mt Sterling KY Chad Faulkner Gold Mechanics

Attention Golfers in the Mt. Sterling Area!

Golf Biomechanics and Performance Seminar
Where: Irish Hills Golf Course in Mt. Sterling KY
When: Saturday, August 6, 2022, at 1:00pm

Are you ready to add over 30 yards to your drive? In order for any golfer to improve his or her game, they need to improve upon and condition the most important tool used ... their body!

Dr. Chad Faulkner, DC, a respected Chiropractor and High-performance Exercise Trainer of FFC Barbell Club and Faulkner Family Chiropractic, will explain not only the mechanics of the golf game but also the importance of proper self-conditioning to achieve peak performance. The presentation is for fitness professionals, golf pros trainers, and anyone playing the game that's interested in exercise. Dr. Chad Faulkner, DC, will explain in-depth, detailed looks at how different systems in the body affect the game of golf. You will walk away with exercises that will unlock your ability to move pain-free.

At this seminar, you will learn the following:

  • Understand why tight muscles affect the swing.
  • Learn how correct stretching before a game can improve performance and why some types of pre-game stretches can actually make the golfer play worse.
  • Know the difference between functional strengthening exercises for golf and bodybuilding-type exercises that are not beneficial for the game.
  • Understand why breaking the Flexibility - Stability - Strength - Power formula can break your body!

Spaces for this event may or may not fill up quickly. Who knows if 1 or 100 will show up, so why not learn the root causes of dysfunction in the game and make yourself better?

If you are interested, sign up for this seminar using the form below. We will reach out after receiving your request to confirm your booking.


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