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Chad Faulkner D.C.

Dr. Chad Faulkner is an intuitive healer and chiropractor that received his first major healing from an 88-year-old woman in Ashland, KY when he was just 14 years old. He was impressed from an early age to have been given the gift to heal others.

When he was in college he would cook for friends and educate them on the need for whole food, offering vitamin and supplement recommendations. People have sought his advice from all over the world. He treats the Amish and Mennonite and offers treatments at an affordable rate. Dr. Faulkner uses no specific technique instead, he calls it a bunch of different techniques he’s learned from others that he has made his own. He took his undergraduate work at Eastern Kentucky University and received his doctorate degree at Logan College of Chiropractic in 2004. Dr. Faulkner is always learning. Dr. Faulkner is a humanitarian and volunteers for the Emergency Response during times of natural disasters.

Dr. Chad Faulkner is married to Stephanie, from Mount Sterling Kentucky and they have a son named Graham and a daughter named Lauren. Dr. Faulkner is known for giving chiropractic adjustments that work. He gives undivided attention to every single patient and goes above and beyond what is necessary to help patients achieve their health goals. Dr. Faulkner has been voted the top chiropractor in several states and holds the achievement of performing over 30,000 chiropractic adjustments without any adverse effects.

Dr. Faulkner in 2012 was nearly forced to retire and go onto disability status when he develop severe neck pain and shoulder problems. The pain forced him to sell his practice and he moved to Arizona for the dry heat to gain relief. While in Arizona, Dr. Faulkner was introduced to a healing principle of vitamins and herbs that cured him of the ailment other doctors could not figure out. Because of this experience, he shares his love of herbs and how they can help others. You will be glad to have such knowledge given to you after you’ve worked with him. If you’ve considered giving up on your health problem, don’t. It may be the best gift of health Dr. Faulkner can give you.


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